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Need to Sell Quickly? Here's What to Do

There are many reasons why you might suddenly need to sell your home. It

could be an unexpected work relocation, a change in family circumstances, or

simply a desire to move.

Whatever the reason, selling quickly requires some fast action on your part.

But that doesn't mean you need to get into panic mode. You can list and sell

your property, quickly while still enjoying the process!

The first thing you need to do is figure out how to make your home show its

best. In addition to cleaning and decluttering, that might include getting any

needed repairs done, sprucing up the place by painting and perhaps even

doing some minor improvements.

How much you need to "stage" your property depends on many factors,

including what conditions are like in the local real estate market. For example,

you may not need to make each room look like a page from a decorating

magazine if you’re in a seller’s market.

So, before you start any work, talk to me about what needs to be done to

make your home ready to be seen by buyers.

The next thing you’ll need to consider is the list price. Your list price is

especially important if you want to sell soon. No, you don't need to low-ball

your listing to attract interested buyers — in fact, doing that might actually

have the opposite effect. But you do need to price your property


In addition, it's smart to line up the resources you'll need, especially if you're

also buying a new home. For example: get recommendations for a real estate

lawyer, contractor, mortgage advisor, cleaning service, pet daycare, etc.

I’m well-connected in the local home industry, so I can recommend you to

reputable professionals I know and trust.

A final tip: If you want to sell quickly, you need to start the process now. Give

me a call to get the ball rolling.

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