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Is the Psychology of Change Holding You Back?

Why is making a big change in life often so difficult?

According to psychologists, maintaining the "status quo" is one of the

most powerful motivations we have. If things are "okay", even making a

change for the better can be difficult. Our brains resist.

You may have experienced this if you’ve thought about selling your

current property and finding your next dream home. Your house may

be "good enough" for you now and the neighbourhood might be "okay"

too. So, even if your dream is to get into a better home that's more

suited to your family and lifestyle, you may be hesitant.

That's just the way the psychology works.

One way to get around this psychology is to get your dream out of your

head and on to paper. Write down the kind of home you'd love to live in

next. For example, you may want a detached home, with 3-bedrooms

in a family-oriented neighbourhood. Also jot down the specific features and characteristics of the property and neighbourhood such as a good sized backyard, family-size kitchen, and an easy commute to work.

That will help you see the real possibilities.

Next, find out whether getting into a home like this is doable for you

right now. Avoid making assumptions. Get the facts. Find out what you

can expect to get for your current property, and what you'll need to

spend for the new home.

If you discover that moving to your next dream home is something you

can swing this year, your hesitancy will likely vanish!

I can help you get the information you need to make the best decision.

Call me at 905-978-7653

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